This is our story

The Simple Good story is born from our travels around the world. As we captured each unique journey in photos they took on a life of their own as the Simple Good Blog. More and more friends joined the conversation, sharing and amplifying these profound travel experiences, perpetuating the good we saw and giving it new life. We realized we all worry about the same things, we cry and get angry about the same actions - and at the end of the day, the same things are good to us. Whether it be a sunset, a kind gesture or a smile - the fundamental element of good is the same to all of us, and that is what connects us as human beings.

It started with 52 photos - and then the world responded. The blog went viral and we were getting submissions of meanings of good from Spain, China, Brazil, Italy and beyond. It was amazing to see this global reaction to goodness within ourselves and the connections being made all over the world. What we learned was that the world was waiting for a simple way connect to each other.

But the goodness could not be contained and it was clear to our Founder, Priya Shah, that this collection of positive experiences would be the most impactful to children. We wanted to bring the simple good to at-risk communities in order to provide inspiration, hope and possibility. The Simple Good Art Program was launched to show our youth the greater positive world - and in turn, uplift our under-served communities.

Be a part of this journey and submit a photo of your meaning of 'the simple good.' By doing so, you not only share your story of good with the world but also help inspire stories of positivity for youth participating in our TSG Program.