Why it Works

TGS’s program engages our youth through the creative process which helps them enhance:

  • Cognitive development skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Personal empowerment and connectivity to communities

  • A greater sense of the world around them

What is also completely unique about TSG’s Art Program is the incorporation of Social Emotional Learning Standards (SEL) and the practice of mindfulness and positive thinking within the arts. According to casel.org, “the short-term goals of SEL programs are to (1) promote students' self-awareness, social awareness, relationship, and responsible-decision-making skills and (2) improve student attitudes and beliefs about self, others, and school.” These are imperative in at-risk communities where youth are continually exposed to complex situations preventing development.

Through the merriment of SEL Core Standards, mindfulness and art - three crucial pieces of the program – we empower our youth to think about possibility, hope and change that they can individually initiate in their communities to better their world. By using art and a global perspective of good, we provide a platform for students to express themselves and have a larger voice around the world. The global perspective of our curriculum not only provides students an international exposure but also an awareness of things that are bigger than themselves. Through this impactful curriculum, we empower youth to make a positive change in their communities in effort for them to create a better environment for all of us to live in.