The Simple Good curriculum training session for current board members and teachers.

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The Simple Good curriculum training session for current board members and teachers.
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13 January 2018


10:30 am - 1:00 pm


<span class="tribe-address"> <span class="tribe-street-address">Literacenter 651 W Lake St 2nd Floor Chicago, Illinois 60661</span> </span>

What is The Simple Good arts program training

  • Training will be conducted by TSG’s founder Priya Shah, and will be similar to what is provided to teachers at schools and organizations that use The Simple Good’s arts programs for youth

  • The training session lasts approximately 3 hours and involves the art program overview, principles, program material introduction, and collaborative activities for the attendees

Why you should go through the free training if you are interested in board membership/volunteering for TSG

  • Going through the training session will provide a deeper understanding of what exactly TSG does: what it can do, how it interacts with its “customers” (teachers, community leaders, students) and what the customers should expect, giving you a clearer picture of the benefits that customers can receive 

  • After this class you will be able to better align your efforts with the strategy and activities of TSG as a team and organization, helping propel it forward and to serve more communities 

  • You will be able to better describe TSG and its program when discussing it with others

  • New ideas might come up on how to market the program to more places

Special instructions upon arrival at Literacenter on November 4

  • When you arrive through the entrance at 651 W Lake St, head towards the door by the stairs and ring the bell and walk up to the 2nd floor

How to attend the training

  1. RSVP for the training today to make sure that we arrange for the right size room to accommodate the training.

  2. Upon RSVP, you will receive a calendar invite via email

  3. Come to the training session. Coffee/tea and snacks will be provided.

If you have questions related to the training session

Email your questions to Andrey Kolesnikov and Leah Fishbein (cc both) and one of them will get you the answers you need. 

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