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London, UK
I am a teacher at a Secondary school in the East End, one of London´s most multicultural areas (I am proof of that myself, coming from Málaga, Spain). On that evening there was a students´variety show in our main hall.  I was doing some tedious after-school work when, suddenly, all the performers stormed into my classroom, having decided to use it as a backstage. 

Within seconds, all the infectious excitement of a backstage on opening night filled the room with colour, music and show-biz camaraderie. I contributed to the buzzy atmosphere by playing some music on my computer. At some point I played Buju Banton´s reggae song Murderer, and these three students rapidly took to the ‘stage’ and did that dance. 
At that moment I couldn´t have wished to be anywhere else but there, watching those kids enjoying themselves with such ease, moving with what in Málaga we call gracia and in the East End we call… well, just a sick dance, really.