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Sweet Dreams,Bad Dreams

Sweet Dreams,Bad Dreams

Who doesn’t love sleeping? It’s so beautiful when you’re tired to lay comfortably in your bed.Turn on good music, listen and dream.

We all need sleep because we’re humans not robots. Our minds need to recover.Our ideas are more clearer when we’re not tired. Sleeping is important.

I love watching sleeping people or animals. It’s so calm when you see somebody who doesn’t care about anything when the eyes are closed.It’s beautiful when full of energy cat or dog while sleeping look like angels.I will never have enough of this.

And the most interesting fact is that you never know what they are dreaming about.

When I go back to my dreams (and sometimes I remember what I had in my mind)  there are many things that I am affraid of or other whicg I would really like to do.Sometimes I laugh at  dreams because it’s amazing for me that my immagination is so big. When I think about my whole dream – it is like a big film and I can’t control it, my mind does it for me.It is incredible isn’t it?

It gives me a lot of inspirations.

It was hard for me to choose one photo,I discovered in my albums plants of incredible pictures of my friends or animals, they reminded me very good moments.This photo I took while working as a waitress at night.My friend told me that a guy is sleeping on the street and I found it so interesting to memorise on a photo. I was always caring my camera which I recieved as a gift when I was 8 years old.

and I have to admit – I REALLY LOVE SLEEPING 

and you?