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Touch of Grace

Touch of Grace

The shop signs in Peckham make me smile.  

They remind me of God’s blessings and that there is more to life that what we see with our eyes.

Peace, Beauty, Grace.

The London Borough of Southwark has one of the biggest African Christian communities in the world outside Africa according to google! When I walk down Rye Lane I am reminded of far away places where the sun shines and people talk to each other more and pass the time of day with each other.  The big wide world full of some many different people.  It slows me down and I like it as I bump into people from church and say hi.

I have been a member of All Saints Peckham since 2007 and the Jamaican Ladies who are the oldest members there have left and continue to leave a lasting impression on me.

Stories from their Island, memories of what Peckham was like 40 years ago, Mavis’s experiences of fostering children from all nations and living in a multicultural community now enrich my life.

Some of the sayings of my friend Mavis are:

“As long as there is life there is hope”

“Life can be beautiful”

“Cheer Up Yourself”


“We all need each other, if I fall down, who should pick me up, the very person I just ignored?”

Although in the past Peckham was known as a dangerous place, for me it is  filled with beautiful people, hope and creativity. Its up and coming now, and the people I know and love such as Mavis, Doreen and Claire, are what makes it my favourite place, my home.