How it all began

A Message from the Executive Director

The inspiration for The Simple Good (TSG) was birthed out of my own adversity and travels. I was born an amputee without a left hand and because of the way I was born there was a lot of doubt, shame, and oppression towards my aspirations. Having one hand was not something I constantly thought about, therefore it was never a barrier for me, but growing up, I realized others had set limitations on my abilities.

I learned that people’s perceptions can create obstacles – we are not born into the world with them, people create them – but for this reason, they can be overcome. Through my travels, I have witnessed many different forms of resilience providing me an opportunity to see beyond my own challenges.

My idea for social change involves connecting youth to a world beyond their own so that they can be inspired by examples of hope and resilience – just like I was. It is important to foster environments that encourage positive self-esteem, self-worth, and empathy towards others. With this we create individual purpose and accountability to one another, decreasing the risk of violence, thus creating a peaceful environment for all of us. TSG was born through friends who captured their moments of joy across the globe and it ended up taking on a life of their own as The Simple Good Blog.

It started with 52 photos – and then the world responded. The blog went viral and we started receiving submissions of meanings of good from all over the world. It triggered a global reaction to goodness within ourselves and the connections being made globally. It was clear to me that this collection of positive stories would be the most impactful for children in order to provide inspiration, hope, and possibility.

The TSG Art Program was launched to increase awareness among our youth of the greater positive world – and in turn, uplift our underserved communities.

Please explore how we are spreading ‘the simple good’ around the world here.

With love, hope, and gratitude,
Priya Shah
Founder & Executive Director of The Simple Good