TSG Art Program

TSG integrates a global dialogue into an 8-week art program which increases competency on different perspectives of ‘good’ from around the world.

Through this dialogue, students are able to connect global perspectives with their own experiences which enables them to develop empathy toward others and awareness of a world beyond their own.

In addition, students are provided tools through mindfulness and social-emotional learning activities to create resilience toward their own adversity in order to channel it toward positive activism.

The Problem

Youth victimization and segregation are prevalent issues that have strangled opportunities for millions of young people. They have caused over ⅔ of youth to be exposed to trauma in various forms and as many as 75% of children who are in need of help and not receiving it.

Continuous unaddressed trauma in a person’s life leads to a lack of hope which promotes injustice and violence in communities around the world.

Development experts have agreed that trauma can have large impacts on development and growth and negatively influence the behavior of young people.

How do we challenge our young people to overcome life’s adversities while maintaining a positive mindset that instills perseverance enabling them to create goals that lead to positive life achievements?

Our Solution

The arts are an important platform for cognitive development and self expression. Our innovative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Mindfulness-based art program is designed to have the world teach our students about different perspectives of good to fuel positive outcomes within our students. We do this in 3 steps:

Exploration of Positivity Around the World

Through our global photo blog , people from across the globe are sharing their idea of ‘the simple good’ in order to inspire our students via photography and storytelling. This helps students to discover a world beyond their own but also challenges them to think about their own meaning of ‘the simple good’ to empower themselves and impact their communities.

Expressive creation through the arts

Create, create, create! We analyze what we learned about the Simple Good around theworld and have our students create artwork that represents their representation of the simple good. We use various artistic mediums to achieve this.

Public Showcase in Creative Institutions

There are some things we don’t learn by hearing – we learn through experience. Our program ends with our students presenting their art during a public showcase. The showcase is important for our students because it exposes them to art & creative career paths and broadens their perspectives about what is possible. It also allows our partners meaningful opportunities to connect with our students and support their development.

Principles & Pillars

What is the ‘science’ behind the curriculum?

TSG’s innovative curriculum incorporates SEL Standards, mindfulness, art creation, global competency and experiential learning resulting in a profound art program that changes lives of youth.

The union of these elements provides thinking tools such as pattern development, careful observation of the world and conceptualizing complexity.

Development in cognitive think is critical for youth in order to express anger, communicate and cooperate with others, which results in decreased risk of delinquent behavior and encourages a positive mindset and productive behavior.

Using these pillars we empower our youth to think about the possibility, hope, and change that they can individually initiate in their communities to better their world.


The outcomes of our program

We are building positive leaders to influence the world by encouraging positive mindsets and behavior.


Increase in believing they can identify tools & resources to make improvements in their community


Increase in the belief they can understand other people's experiences through their artwork


Increase in feeling comfortable expressing themselves in front of others


Increase in feeling comfortable speaking in front a group


Increase in feeling the can connect to other cultures


Increase in feeling they have an awareness of communities outside of my own

Share your good

Help our students expand their definition of good by sharing yours

Our photo blog is an integral part of our crowd-sourced curriculum. It is incorporated into each program and is designed to allow us to teach our students about different perspectives of good from around the world. This not only helps students to discover a world beyond their neighborhood but also challenges them understand their own meaning of good.


We conduct our program with public/private schools and community institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mediums of art do you use?

We provide programming in painting, drawing, mixed media, photography
and mural art.

Do you come to us or do you have a brick & mortar?

We come to you! TSG provides programming to your space to provide
increased accessibility in the arts for youth in your community.

Do you provide professional development opportunities?

Yes! We provide Professional Development opportunities in Social Emotional
Learning & Mindfulness through the arts for professionals across Education,
Social Service, Business and Psychology professionals.