The Simple Good (TSG) is a global 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We are connecting the meaning of ‘good’ from around the world to empower at-risk youth to bring positivity into communities through art and discussion.

Through public art projects and art-centric programming, we transcend the message that no matter where you go in the world, good means the same to all of us – and that is what connects us as human beings.


How do we challenge our young people to overcome life’s adversities while maintaining a positive mindset that instills perseverance enabling them to create goals that lead to positive life achievements?


Of youth have been exposed to trauma in various forms


Of youth who are in need of help are not receiving it


Increased likelihood of having one or more delays in development due to trauma


Youth who are in need of mental help do not receive it


More likely to dropout of school if youth are not exposed to arts


The arts are an important platform to provide cognitive development and an emotional outlet for young people who have experienced trauma.

Our innovative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Mindfulness-based art program is designed to have the world teach our students about different perspectives of good to fuel positive outcomes within our students. We do this in 3 steps:

Exploration of Positivity Around the World

Through our global photo blog , people from across the globe are sharing their idea of ‘the simple good’ in order to inspire our students via photography and storytelling. This helps students to discover a world beyond their own but also challenges them to think about their own meaning of ‘the simple good’ to empower themselves and impact their communities.

Expressive creation through the arts

Create, create, create! We analyze what we learned about the Simple Good around theworld and have our students create artwork that represents their representation of thesimple good. We use various artistic mediums to achieve this.

Public Showcase in Creative Institutions

There are some things we don’t learn by hearing – we learn through experience. Our program ends with our students presenting their art during a public showcase. The showcase is important for our students because it exposes them to art & creative career paths and broadens their perspectives about what is possible. It also allows our partners meaningful opportunities to connect with our students and support their development.


Change starts with the way you view the world.

Our program encourages life-changing positive mindsets that will allow our students to persevere. Our impact is best shared through the voices of our students:

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