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We believe that ‘good’ means the same no matter where you go and universality connects us as human beings. Our mission is to embody that message in our work with students, artists and the greater community. With every interaction, we aim to empower a more connected, empathetic and resilient world by identifying, creating, sharing and celebrating the ‘simple good’.


Our trauma sensitive arts programs combines Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness practices through arts expression to empower young people across the globe. We provide in school and after school programming for those in grades K-12th.

Students use art to explore ‘good’ within themselves, their communities, and then connect it to the world. The practice of identifying good helps students build resilience and learn to spread positivity wherever they are to build a more peaceful and connected future for us all.

Our curriculum meets Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards, ELA College and Career Readiness Standards, and teaches cross-cultural competencies.


This series of workshops help corporate professionals create space for more mindful and inclusive workplaces. Our expertise in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) empowers our partners to build the framework to identify barriers and bridge cross-cultural gaps.

We leverage SEL and Mindfulness practices to help partners build organizational cultures that boost employee morale, increase feelings of well-being, and amplify feelings of connectedness.


Our Arts-based SEL Program expanded to East Africa, bringing our principles of positivity and meaningful connection to The Building Hope Project. This initiative introduces healing through art to global educational environments to plant seeds of hope in the children who will become our future leaders.


TSG aims to not only empower students in our backyard but around the WORLD. Our work has reached humans in Rwanda and Uganda in East Africa, London in the UK, Croatia and beyond. We plan to continue expanding globally as our organization grows. In an effort to best serve the needs of those near and far, we actively align with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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