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By helping children connect their meaning of "good" through art.

The Problem


The World Health Organization estimates that up to 1 billion children between the ages of 2-17 years old have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence, or neglect within the past year.

Youth victimization and segregation negatively impact our youth on a global scale, and the rise of economic depression, political conflict and societal pressures worsen the conditions children face every day. The terrible conditions created by these issues have caused ⅔ of youth to be exposed to trauma in various forms, and as many as 75% of those in need of help have few or no options for intervention

Continuous unaddressed trauma in a young person's life can lead to a lack of hope, and perpetuate the inequality and violence found in communities around the world. Experts agree that trauma can deeply impact healthy growth and development and negatively influence the behavior of young people.

In the U.S. alone, 50% of adolescents meet the criteria for mental health disorders and 50% of students 14 years or older with mental illness drop out of school. Our global Mental Health crisis is only getting more intense, and continues to create new issues in our education systems. Studies have shown that early intervention is essential to address trauma in our world's youth, and can empower them with tools to overcome future obstacles.


Our Arts-Based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

The arts are an important platform for cognitive development and an emotional outlet for youth which can mitigate the cycle of violence.

Art provides an outlet for positive development and self expression. Our Arts-Based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program teaches students to find the ‘good’ first within themselves and then connect it to what surrounds them.

We partner with schools and community organizations to bring our trauma-informed program to youth ages K-12 to empower young people with positive mindset, art expression, and mindfulness tools to cope with trauma.

Our Method


Through our Art-based SEL program, public art events, mission, we transcend the belief that ‘good’ is something we can all comprehend – and that is what connects us as human beings.

With positivity comes hope and with hope brings resilience, gratitude and humanity. Art is the vehicle we use to bring this positivity to our future leaders, our youth.

The Simple Good

Our Impact

Through art and storytelling, The Simple Good has empowered youth across the globe, fostering self-awareness and life skills while creating a ripple effect of positivity in communities worldwide.



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Our crowd-sourced curriculum invites the world to teach our students about different perspectives of good. Through our blog, people from across the globe are sharing their idea of the ‘simple good’ to inspire our youth through photography and storytelling.

The Simple Good Blog helps students see a world beyond their own, develop empathy and global competency. Blog posts prompt students to think about their own meaning of good and challenges them to channel their meaning of the ‘simple good’ into positive impact and service that builds peaceful and more connected communities.  Check out these stories of positivity from across the globe. We invite you to submit your own #simplegoodstory!

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